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IMPORTANT NEWS FOR PADDLERS and other users of False Creek

Hi Paddlers

Dragon Zone Paddling Club is open to paddle however there are still high E. Coli levels.

Please exercise caution when paddling.

Metro Vancouver area beaches are monitored throughout the swimming season to determine compliance with the Canadian Recreational Water Quality Guidelines, 2012. These guidelines recommend a level of ≤ 200 E.coli bacteria per 100 mL of water for primary contact recreational activities.

Please check at dragonboatbc.ca , Facebook and twitter for further updates and notices for further information. We will post up to date information and if any further changes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jessie@dragonboatbc.ca or info@dragonboatbc.ca.

Thank you

Dragon Zone Staff

Dragon Zone Paddling Club is a full service sport and social club operated by the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society, offering paddling programs for both small boats (canoe, kayak and outrigger) and dragon boats. The Dragon Zone Paddling Club features a large and modern fleet of 20 person and 10 person dragon boats, marathon canoes, six person outriggers, one person outriggers and kayaks.

***Important Notice*** ATTENTION ALL PADDLERS: Dragon Zone is closed when there is a small craft warning, if there is any thunder or lightening, if fog limits your ability to see or be seen, when the temperature is 0 degrees celsius or below, or if there is ice or snow on the docks. PLEASE BE SAFE AND ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.

Dragon Boat

June 19-21 2015


Dragon Boat

July 19 2014


Dragon Boat

August 23 2014