January 16, 2017

Colour and Patterns to Mix in Iconic Poster

London artists Katie and Paul Morris were selling their colourful art screen prints, T-shirts and silk scarves on Granville Island, when Ann Phelps, general manager for the Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival, spotted their vibrant designs.

She quickly signed the talented artistic duo to create a new poster for the 2017 festival. “It was exciting to see existing artwork that I thought is exactly the style I want to see for the festival this year.”  She adds that the designs are as striking in black and white as they are in colour.  

While living in London, Katie and Paul focused on creating hand-screened printed textiles for fashion designers. After moving to Vancouver in 2011, the pair were inspired by the city’s blend of urban and natural beauty. At markets around Vancouver, they began selling sweatshirts and T-shirts that blend brilliant colours, bold shapes and iconic artistry influenced by their West Coast surroundings. 

“When we moved to a new place, we looked at it with fresh eyes and our prints are a translation of the patterns and colours we see around us,” Katie explains. “We aren’t too literal,” notes Paul, who laughingly adds, “I think I’m a cubist at heart.” 

For the festival poster, Paul explains, “We’ll blend popular elements of our designs with dragon boat influences and images from around the False Creek area.” The two have completed a black and white outline and Katie will begin work next on colouring the design. 

Ann is enthusiastic about the project. “I can’t wait to see their vision.” The finished poster design will be unveiled in February. 

For more on KT & Paul print studio, visit http://www.ktandpaul.com/gallery.   

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