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Club Rules

Boat Lights & Batteries for Dragon Boats and OC-6

Boat lights are available to Dragon Zone Paddling Club paddlers and teams. These lights are mandatory for anyone practicing in the dark. Paddlers must supply their own light batteries (two D Batteries) but if you’ve forgotten there are rechargeable batteries that you can borrow. Please pick up and return your boat light (and batteries) at the Boating Office In Creekside Community Centre.

As well, we advise all canoe, kayak, dragon boat and outrigger paddlers to come with their own headlight for extra safety.


Thank you to everyone for keeping Dragon Zone and Creekside safe!

Coach Boat and Motor Use – New Policies

To ensure that the motors are always in good operating condition, the following rules apply for the use of this equipment at Dragon Zone Paddling Club.

1) Anyone who wishes to use the coach boat MUST have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card on them at the time they wish to take the coach boat out on the water.

2) All coach boat users MUST successfully complete our coach boat orientation.

3) All coach boat users MUST sign in at the Dragon Zone Paddling Club every time they need to use the coach boats, presenting their Pleasure Craft Operator Card at that time. A staff will confirm your access. The motor MUST be returned to a Dragon Zone Paddling Club Staff Member at the end of the session. No exceptions.

4) The team and coach MUST take full responsibility for damage and loss to the motor. If a motor is dropped into salt water, it is deemed lost. A waiver acknowledging this MUST be signed by the team captain and manager acknowledging this responsibility before a coach boat is reserved.

Cold Weather Regulations

Paddlers/Teams must not practice if the weather is 0 degrees or lower. It is extremely unsafe.


Location: Our Boating Centre is located at Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, at the foot of Ontario Street, just south of Science World. If you are taking transit, Science World/Main Street is the nearest stop.

Parking: There is free street parking in the area and there is pay parking underground.

Your Belongings: There are lockers in the community centre but you must bring your own, but if possible, it would be best to leave your valuables at home as there are more people registered than there are lockers.

Clothing: We suggest layering your clothing so that you can peel layers off as you warm up and you will get wet.

Clothing might include:

  • Dri fit long sleeve if cool, short sleeve if warm
  • A shell jacket
  • Hat or cap
  • Quick dry shorts, board shorts
  • A pair of shell pants
  • An old pair of runners (did we mention you’ll get wet?)

Some people wear bicycling gloves and some wear neoprene gloves.

There is also a shower and bathrooms close by if you want to change after paddling.

Please come a little early so that you’re ready to paddle on time.

Most common dragon boating questions:

Q: How many people can fit in a boat?
A: Up to 20 or 24 depending on the type of boat.

Q: Do all paddlers have to wear a PFD?
A: Yes, even if they have lifeguarding skills. Teachers and staff also have to wear a PFD.

Q: How much does it cost per child, to participate in dragonboating?
A: (see fees page) $10.50 including tax for one day.

Q: What times are we allowed to book?
A: During school hours M-F, or anytime on Saturdays or Sundays depending on availability.

Q: How long is each session?
A: The whole session will be about 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes will be a safety talk on land, followed by 45 minutes of on-water instruction and 15 minutes of racing.

Q: Can parents come too?
A: If the parents are adult chaperons, they are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

Q: How much advance notice should we give you if we want to book a session?
A: At least 2 weeks notice would be appreciated so that we can find staff for your session. If your group is greater than 60 people, please give us 3 weeks notice.

Q: What are the chances of a child falling in the water?
A: This has yet to happen as dragon boats are very stable, and our trained staff will do everything in their power to keep the children safe, so long as the children abide by our safety rules.

Q: What kind of groups take part in the Youth Program?
A: Elementary school classes, secondary school classes, Grade 8 Mixers, leadership student groups, community centre clubs, ESL and international students, other sports teams, YMCA groups, and summer camps… just to name a few!

Q: What are some risks involves in dragon boating?
A: Paddling will always have an inherent risk of falling into the water. However, our trained staff do everything they can to minimize this risk, including a safety talk, having everyone wear a PFD, and a minimum of 1:10 adult to student ratio.

Other risks include slipping on the docks and hitting your thumb against the side of the boat while paddling. We ask that all participants be careful while on or near the docks and boats.

Q: Who should we contact if we would like more information?
A: You can contact our Youth Program Coordinator, at For summer and after school programs contact, For general information For Kayaking inquiries please email or call 604.688.2382

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