Club Rules

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Paddling at Night and Boat Lights

1) All paddlers must have a non-flashing solid white light that is clearly visible all around the boat in accordance with Transport Canada’s requirement for Navigation Lights. Dragon boats and OC6 boats must have lights at the front and back of the boat so that their boat is visible. Small boats are advised to have at least two lights on their boat.

2) All small boat paddlers must be accompanied by a partner when paddling in the dark.


Coach Boat and Motor Use

1) Anyone who wishes to use the coach boat MUST have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card on them at the time they wish to take the coach boat out on the water.

2) All coach boat users MUST successfully complete our coach boat orientation.

3) The team and coach MUST take full responsibility for damage and loss to the motor. If a motor is dropped into salt water, it is deemed lost. A waiver acknowledging this MUST be signed by the team captain and manager acknowledging this responsibility before a coach boat is reserved. Coach boat use is determined by the coach boat schedule as posted online.

4) If using a coach boat around dusk or night, the coach boat user must have a red light on the left side and a green light on the right side of the boat, in addition to a white light at the back of the boat in accordance with Transport Canada regulations.

Weather/Extreme Conditions Regulations

All Dragon Zone practices and training is cancelled if the weather is under 0 degrees, if there is a wind warning or other extreme weather warning issued by Environment Canada, or if conditions are not deemed safe by the club. Paddlers and teams are not allowed to go out on the water.

Lifejacket Regulations

All paddlers must wear a lifejacket at all times while on the water. Inflatable lifejackets are allowable for practices/training only (not during races).

Outrigger Canoe Rules and Regulations

All OC1 and OC6 paddlers are required to have completed an orientation and huli drill conducted by approved office staff before taking out boats. Please email to book your slot.

OC6 Rules and Regulations

If there is another team looking to practice in the same time slot, all teams will share the canoes on a weekly rotation basis. If teams decide to stop paddling, they are required to inform and their time slot will be given away. If a team misses two practices in a row, it is assumed that they no longer need the time slot and it will be given to the next on line team. No reservations are allowed on the 4th canoe. It will serve as a first come first served canoe when demand of canoes are more than Dragon Zone can supply. This free program is not for teams that wish to guaranty the use of a boat(s) at the same time every week for a season. This program is in effect every season from October 1st to November 1st next year.

Boat Damage

All paddlers are required to report any boat damage to Please include a picture of the damage if possible.

Movement in False Creek

All boats are required to move counterclockwise around False Creek. Stay to the right hand side, and do not cut in front of other boats.

Dragon Boats under Cambie Street Bridge

Dragon boats are not allowed to enter the side arches under the Cambie Street bridge due to boat damage. Only travel through the main archway.

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